The Problem is Last Year is Dave Linnenbank's debut album, blending organic electronics with singer/songwriter tendencies. And he somehow convinced 10 artist friends to help create a video version of the entire album. Take a look-see...
LISTEN to the entire album (and/or buy it), or scroll down to watch a few videos and meet the artists.
Track 01: Preface
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Ivan Anić is an animator, illustrator, and motion graphics artist. He also aspires to become the next beneficent dictator of Serbia. {artist's page}
Track 02: Bramble
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Vanessa Pyne is a Brooklyn-based freelance motion graphic designer with a soft spot for Super 8 film. {artist's page}
Track 03: Trep
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Proud Pony International is a new media collective that specializes in high-quality video products. {artist's page}

Travis Johns (director) is a filmmaker & playwright who has created award-winning original short film & theatre work since 1997 in Santa Fe, Boston, and New York. While freelancing as an editor & motion graphics designer for clients like Redbull, New Balance, Scion, and Howard TV, his short films have screened in festivals all over the country. {artist's page}
Track 04: Flint
Alexis Kunsak moved to the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh last week, into a small white house directly next to Sonny's Tavern. The first week there was so hot that the mailman stopped wearing his uniform and instead had on a purple tank set off nicely with black wraparound sunglasses. Alexis plans to continue making videos, but more often her life has this kind of day-to-day feeling.
Track 05: Slight
Jon Conklin is a Brooklyn-based motion graphics and video artist, best known for his music video work. Jon's approach to storytelling spans multiple media platforms, often including video, animation, photography, and digital compositing. {artist's page}
Track 06: Gois
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Melissa S Armstrong is an artist who focuses primarily on sculpture and installation and currently lives in Brooklyn. When not in her studio or doing sculpture conservation, you can find Melissa curled up with her cat, Penny, instead of packing for her upcoming residency at Le Moulin à Nef in Auvillar, France. {artist's page}
Track 07: Hoff
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Ryan Edquist is an artist, educator, and filmmaker. His practice is rooted in the moving image, through which he worked in children's television, theatre, and public schools and universities. Current interests include tactile art, early childhood education, the cognitive science of cinema, and relationships between art and mental health and disability. {artist's page}
Track 08: A Prayer for Second Chances
Nick Deamer is a media artist/video producer in Northern California.
Track 09: Nostra
Erik Marika-Rich is a Brooklyn-based experimental filmmaker and sound artist. In recent years his work has focused on using abstraction techniques to create landscapes and portraits that are intimately detailed, while maintaining a feeling of a foreign, removed subject behind the lens. {artist's page}
Track 10: Grane
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James McDonald is a computer programmer, interactive artist and sound designer. {artist's page}
Package Design
Ashley Riehlin is Dave's littlest sister, and as such, was guilted into had the pleasure of creating the album's package & graphic design. In Boston, she does graphic design for the screen and the page, enjoys a good IPA, and is way into dogs. {artist's page}
Tom Kershaw is a digital creative director currently living in Boston. He has led projects for clients such as adidas, Stella McCartney, Panasonic, and Nikon, and been published in several design publications. {artist's page}
Lady Vocals
Sylvia Chen works in fashion and writes ernest, incomplete songs for her blog. She was a member of Seattle bands CMYK and Velella Velella, and currently plays in the Brooklyn-based Car On The Moon. Sylvia's future goals are to start her own band, complete those rough music sketches, and to be one of the nicest people in the fashion industry. {artist's page}